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Physical therapy and rehabilitation for rheumatic, neurological or orthopedic pathologies present an ever - increasing challenge in today’s healthcare sector. At present, treatment plans can be cumbersome and a slow recovery can be disempowering for patients. Physiotherapy can be found in most about all healthcare fields, while its complexity comes with the requirement of the treatment’s adaptability to each patient.
From patients, to physiotherapists or health insurers, the process of physiotherapy can benefit from improvements due to the increased number of patients not complying with the prescribed exercises, prolonging recovery time and requiring higher costs from the health sector.
£15 billion

Sickness absence costs the UK around £15 billion annually in lost economic output.


In the NHS almost 40% of staff sickness absence is due to musculoskeletal conditions, e.g. back pain


Patient home non-adherence to prescribed exercises.

11.8 weeks

Average wait to see a physiotherapist.


Average cost of a physiotherapy session.


MIRA enhances the delivery of physiotherapy treatment using consumer hardware and video-games to encourage and track patient compliance. All physiotherapists agree that adherence to prescribed home exercises reduces recovery time. By mapping traditional physiotherapy exercises with custom build video-games, MIRA makes physiotherapy fun and convenient to increase patient compliance. While the patient plays, MIRA tracks and evaluates their experience, to provide to the physiotherapist with persistent information regarding the patient’s recovery.

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